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State : Nordrhein-Westfalen
District (Kreis) : Steinfurt (until 1974 Tecklenburg)
Additions : 1975 Bevergern, Dreierwalde, Riesenbeck

Wappen von Hörstel/Arms (crest) of Hörstel
Official blazon
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The new arms were designed after the merger in 1975.

The arms combine elements of the arms of the former municipalities; the colours from Hörstel, the beaver from Bevergern, the oak leaf from Dreierwalde and the plough from Riesenbeck.

The old arms (below) were granted on August 3, 1939.

Wappen von Hörstel/Arms (crest) of Hörstel

The arms are derived from the arms of the medieval Lords of Hörstel, known from the 14th century. As the historical colours were no longer known, the colours of Tecklenburg/Münster were chosen, as the town historically belonged to the State of Münster and the district of Tecklenburg.

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Literature: Meijer, 1940; new arms from the Hörstel council.