Hacienda Pública

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Hacienda Pública


Series information :

  • Date of issue : ?
  • Number of labels : ? (>70)
  • Image variants : none known


These labels were issued by the Hacienda Pública factory in Spain as matchbox labels in the early 1950s (probably).

Any additional information on the company or date of issue is welcome !

Labels issued

These labels show the coats of arms of the Spanish provinces and were printed as one large sheet. The labels could also be collected in a special album, printed in 1954. The album has a lot of background information on the different provinces and the arms and was written by J. Prieto Puyol. Even though there is ample historical and heraldic information, many arms are shown wrongly on the images and in the texts !

The sheet (click on image to enlarge)
an example of a matchbox (arms of Madrid)
an example of a matchbox (arms of Gran Canaria)
the front of the album
A page from the album