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[[Civic Heraldry Literature - Germany|Literature]] : Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.
[[Civic Heraldry Literature - Germany|Literature]] : Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

[[File:Germany.jpg|50 px|link=Germany]][[Category:German Municipalities H]]
[[Category:German Municipalities H]]
[[File:Hessen.jpg|50 px]][[Category:Hessen]]
[[File:Hessen.jpg|50 px]][[Category:Hessen]]
[[Category:Rheingau-Taunus Kreis]]
[[Category:Rheingau-Taunus Kreis]]
[[Category:Rheingaukreis ]]
[[Category:Rheingaukreis ]]

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State : Hessen
District (Kreis) : Rheingau-Taunus Kreis (until 1977 Rheingaukreis)
Incorporated into : 1977 Oestrich-Winkel


Official blazon

(de) In Rot über eine goldene Traube mit Laub eine silberne Zange.


The oldest seals of Hallgarten date from the 15th century and already show the pliers. The meaning of the pliers is not known. They also appear on all later seals of the village.

The grapes appear also on the oldest seals, but were removed in the 17th century. Only in 1806 they were again added. The grapes refer to the importance of viticulture for the village.

The colours ar ethose of the State of Mainz to which the village belonged until 1803.

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Literature : Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes. Hessen.jpg