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Region: Hawke's Bay

Arms (crest) of Hastings (New Zealand)

Official blazon


The arms were granted in 1993.

The lion and fern leaves comes form the former Hastings City Council Arms (see below), the cross from the former Havelock Borough Council Arms and the carved cross and sun was the principal charge in the Arms of the former Hawke's Bay County Council.

The red manche (sleeve) on a gold field comes from the Arms of Warren Hastings, after whom Hastings is named.

The Crest on the helmet represents a sunburst emanating from clouds, symbolising the light, warmth and moisture which produce the fertility of the Hastings District. The sun's rays support a toothed wheel, symbolising the industries of the region which depend on this fertility.

The Supporters, a ram and a bull, represent the two main animals on which the prosperity of the District is based, they are white and black, the colours of Hawke's Bay.

The Compartment panel is carved with a Maori patter (representing Rongomatane and Haumeitikeitikei), paying tribute to the contribution of the foundation residents of the region. This supports a profusion of fruits including grapes, which are made into wine, apples, pears and peaches. Miro berries and leaves are included because of their importance to the original Maori population.

The Black and White horizontally striped flag uses the provincial colours, which places the Arms in Hawke's Bay. This is emphasised by the gold Hawk rising, an emblem found in the Arms of Lord Hawke, whose name the province bears.

The New Zealand Ensign places the Arms in New Zealand.

The motto means "Town and country in harmony".

Hastings City Council

The city council used the arms below, based on the arms of Hastings (England), with added typical New Zealand symbols, the sheep, ferns, kiwi and Maori warrior.


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Literature : Information provided by the Hastings District Council. Old image from http://www.teara.govt.nz/files/McLinv1501.gif