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Province : Ontario

Arms (crest) of Hawkesbury
Official blazon
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The arms were not adopted in 1959.

One of the symbols that appeared on the old Hawkesbury shield was a wheel, representing industry and work. This symbol is retained in the new armorial bearings.

The "barrulet", which is the horizontal bar dividing the shield in two and adorned by a "saltire cross", is taken from the armorial bearings of the Jenkinson family in memory of the first Baron of Hawkesbury. The "saltire cross" (croix pattée) also recalls the memory of Dr. David Pattee, who was a pioneer in the launching of Hawkesbury's fledgling economy.

The sheaf of wheat, emblem of agriculture, which used to be part of the seal of Hawkesbury and still is present in the new armorial bearings.

The hawk is represented in the armorial bearings in order to identify the town's name "Hawkesbury".

The device "Vaillant et Veillant" (Valiant and Vigilant) has two meanings ; firstly, recalling that through work Hawkesbury grew, and secondly, referring to the hawk, a brave bird which is was formely used for hunting and never missing its prey : its vigilance was no less than its valour.

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