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Incorporated into : 1965 Hillingdon

Arms (crest) of Hayes and Harlington

Official blazon

Arms : Vert a Pall couped at the base Argent between in chief two Wings conjoined in base of the last and in fesse as many Cog-Wheels proper in front of two Rays of Lightning in saltire Or.
Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from a Circlet of Brushwood a demi-Stag supporting a Seax point upwards proper pommel and hilt Or enfiled with a Saxon Crown Gold.
Motto: 'FORWARD'


The arms were officially granted on October 12, 1950.

The green field refers to the district's agricultural background and the amenities of the Green Belt. The silver pall is derived from that in the arms of the See of Canterbury. In 790 King Offa granted lands in Hayes to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and for more than seven centuries the place was closely associated with the See. Among the Archbishops who sometimes resided at Hayes was Anselm, who is commemorated by St. Anselm's Church. The limbs of the pall also suggest runways and together with the wings refer to London Airport. The cog-wheels refer to industry in general and the lightning flashes to the electrical industries in particular.

The circlet of brushwood and deer refer to the name 'Hayes' which is derived from 'Hesa', which was a brushwood enclosure used as a trap for deer. The Seax is from the arms of Middlesex CC and the Saxon crown refers to the fact that in that period parts of the district were royal property.

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