Heiningen (Göppingen)

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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Göppingen

Wappen von Heiningen (Göppingen)

Official blazon

In Blau unter einer liegenden silbernen Hirschstange eine kreuzförmige silberne Schale mit Lappenrand, belegt mit einem getatzten roten Kreuz.


The arms were officially granted in 1959.

Heiningen received city rights in 1284 from King Rudolf I and became part of Württemberg in 1321. The oldest known seal, however, dates from the late 15th century and is known from 1489. It already shows the present arms with the deer antler of <a href=wurtembe|Württemberg]] above the cross. Already in 1525 it was also used as separate arms of the city. The oldest coloured images date from 1596 and show a black antler in a golden field, with a silver cross.

In 1914 the city adopted new arms, with three rooster heads, which were derived from the arms of the local noble Von Heiningen family from the 13th century. In 1956 the old arms were restored in the present colours, as the old colours were not heraldically correct.

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