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'''Image of the month''':
'''Image of the month''':
[[File:Iceland.jpg|500 px|center|link=Iceland]]
[[File:Mechelen.jpg|500 px|center|link=mechelen]]

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HERALDRY OF THE WORLD : The main resource for civic heraldry since 1996

Heraldry of the World is a private website which is devoted only to civic heraldry, i.e. coats of arms of cities, states, municipalities, countries etc. It also includes an attempt to make a complete catalogue of heraldic (paper based) collector's items, again with the main focus on civic heraldry.

The wiki-part of the site contains at present 98,756 pages and 176,732 images, the total site has over 60.000 pages. There have been [[Special:Statistics|Template:NUMBEROFVIEWS]] pageviews since June 2010.


Image of the month: