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The wiki-part of the site contains at present '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]]''' pages and '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFFILES}}]]''' [[:Category:Thumbnails|images]], the total site has over 60.000 pages. There have been '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFVIEWS}}]]''' pageviews since June 2010.
The wiki-part of the site contains at present '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]]''' pages and '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFFILES}}]]''' [[:Category:Thumbnails|images]], the total site has over 60.000 pages. There have been '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFVIEWS}}]]''' pageviews since June 2010.
The site was created in 1996 as Nederlandse Gemeentewapens (Dutch civic arms, hence the domain name www.ngw.nl) and went global in 1999 as International Civic Arms, since 2010 it is known as Heraldry of the World. It is by far the largest collection of civic coats of arms ever published and still growing.
Although as much information on the arms as possible will be included, like pictures, meaning and history, often there is just a picture, not a description of the arms, nor a history. Any additional information thus is welcome ! All information is taken from public sources (books, internet) and the sources are always mentioned and credited. Most pictures are scans from books, with the exception of the Dutch civic arms, where all the pictures are made by myself.
[[File:country.jpg|450 px|link=Heraldry by country]][[File:collitems.jpg|450 px|link=Heraldic collector's items catalogue]]<br>[[File:religion.jpg|450 px|link=Religious or Ecclesiastical heraldry]][[File:education.jpg|450 px|link=Category:Educational_heraldry]]
Arms of countries, areas or provinces that do not exist anymore, are placed under the country in which the area is situated at this moment. For example, cities, which were granted arms during the Russian Empire, are now under the individual countries. Similarly, towns in the former German provinces of Prussia and Posen are placed under Poland, the South African Colonies and Homelands are under South Africa and Dutch East Indies are under Indonesia.
Present and former colonies and (semi-independent) overseas territories that do not form a single present country are listed under the parent country, except for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is listed separately.
'''<u>Largest collections</u>'''
{|width="100%" cellspacing="0" border="0"
|width="25%" valign="top"|over 10.000 arms
*[[File:germany.jpg|70 px]][[Germany]]
|width="25%" valign="top"|Over 5000
*[[File:france.jpg|70 px]][[France]]
|width="25%" valign="top"|Over 3000
*[[File:czechnat.png|60 px]][[Czech Republic]]
*[[File:slovakia.jpg|60 px]][[Slovakia]]
*[[File:spain.jpg|60 px]][[Spain]]
*[[File:Switzerland.jpg|60 px]][[Switzerland]]
|width="25%" valign="top"|Over 2000
*[[File:austria.jpg|40 px]][[Austria]]
*[[File:netherlands.gif|40 px]][[Netherlands]]
*[[File:portugal.jpg|40 px]][[Portugal]]
*[[File:hungary.jpg|40 px]][[Hungary]]
'''<u>All countries</u>'''
{|width="100%" cellspacing="0" border="0"
|width="25%" valign="top"|
*[[Antigua and Barbuda]]
**[[Christmas Island]]
**[[Cocos (Keeling) Islands]]
**[[Norfolk Island]]
*[[Austro-Hungarian Empire]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/oveur/azerbaid.htm Azerbaijan]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/bol/bolivia.htm Bolivia]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/bos/bosnia.htm Bosnia-Herzegovina]
*[[Burkina Faso]]
*[[Cape Verde]]
*[[Central African Republic]]
**[[Hong Kong]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/col/colombia.htm Colombia]
*[[Congo (Brazzaville)]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/afr/zaire.htm Congo (former Zaire)]
*[[Cook Islands]]
*[[Costa Rica]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/cro/croatia.htm Croatia]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/car/cuba.htm Cuba]
*[[Czech Republic]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/car/dominica.htm Dominica] 
*[[Dominican Republic]]
|width="25%" valign="top"|
*[[East Timor]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/ecu/ecuador.htm Ecuador]
*[[El Salvador]]
*[[Equatorial Guinea]]
**[[French Antarctic Territory]]
**[[French Guyana]]
**[[French Polynesia]]
**[[New Caledonia]]
**[[Saint Pierre et Miquelon]]
**[[Wallis et Futuna]]
**[[Principality of Samos]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/car/haiti.htm Haiti]
**[[Italian East Africa]]
*[[Ivory Coast]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/asia/kazach.htm Kazakhstan]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/asia/kyrgyzstan.htm Kyrgyzstan]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/lat/latvia.htm Latvia]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/oveur/mac/mac.htm Macedonia]
|width="25%" valign="top"|
*[[Marshall islands]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/mex/mexico.htm Mexico]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/oveur/md/moldova.htm Moldova]
**[[Netherlands Antilles]]
*[[New Zealand]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/cam/nicaragu.htm Nicaragua]
*[[North Korea]]
*[[Papua New Guinea]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/peru/peru.htm Peru]
**[[Portuguese India]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/rom/romania.htm Romania]
*[[San Marino]]
*[[São Tomé e Príncipe]]
*[[Saudi Arabia]]
*[[Sierra Leone]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/slv/slovenia.htm Slovenia]
*[[Solomon Islands]]
*[[South Africa]]
*[[South Korea]]
*[[South Sudan]]
|width="25%" valign="top"|
**[[Spanish West Africa]]
*[[Sri Lanka]]
*[[Saint Kitts and Nevis|St. Kitts and Nevis]]
*[[Saint Lucia|St. Lucia]]
*[[Sint Maarten]]
*[[Saint Vincent and the Grenadines|St. Vincent]]
*[[Trinidad and Tobago]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/ukr/ukraine.htm Ukraine]
*[[United Arab Emirates]]
*[[United Kingdom]]
**[[Ascension Island]]
**[[British Antarctic Territory]]
**[[British Indian Ocean Territory]]
**[[British Virgin Islands]]
**[[Cayman Islands]]
**[[Falkland Islands]]
**[[Falkland Islands Dependencies]]
**[[Leeward Islands]]
**[[Pitcairn Island]]
**[[Rhodesia and Nyasaland]]
**[[Saint Helena]]
**[[South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands]]
**[[Straits Settlements]]
**[[Tristan da Cunha]]
**[[Turks and Caicos Islands]]
**[[West Indies Federation]]
*[[United States]]
**[[American Samoa]]
**[[Puerto Rico]]
**[[US Virgin Islands]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/uru/uruguay.htm Uruguay]
*[[Vatican City]]
*[http://www.ngw.nl/int/afr/zam/zambia.htm Zambia]
For arms of non-existing or phantasy states see [[:Category:Micro-Nations|Micro-Nations]]
==Collector's Items==
The site also has a large section on heraldic collector's items  
<gallery perrow=6>
File:oldenkott2.jpg|[[Heraldic albums]]
File:Ayr.jj.jpg|[[Heraldic postcards]]
File:lt-623.jpg|[[Heraldic stamps]] (normal postage)
File:14c.ape.jpg|[[Heraldic cinderellas]] (non official postage stamps)
File:dinan.lau.jpg|[[Heraldic tobacco cards]] (cigarette cards)
File:bulgarije.kh.jpg|[[Heraldic trade cards]]
File:leiden.newa.jpg|[[Heraldic cigar bonds]]
File:1914.mka.jpg|[[Heraldic calendars]]
File:cromarty.crc.jpg|[[Crested china]]
File:bamberg.lowen.jpg|[[Heraldic matchbox labels]]
File:phc-de-mainfranken.jpg|[[Heraldic phone- and chipcards]]
File:bad-sege1.jpg|[[:Category:Heraldic Notgeld images|Notgeld (emergency money)]]
File:biot-c1.jpg|[[:Category:Heraldic coins|Heraldic coins]]
File:edam.tile.jpg|[[:Category:Heraldic tiles|Heraldic tiles]]
File:erdingz1.jpg|[[:Category:Seals|Heraldic seals]]
File:pol-groningen.JPG|[[:Category:Heraldic Police Badges|Heraldic police badges]]
More at the [[Heraldic collector's items catalogue]].
*[[:Category:Heraldic architecture collections|Series of heraldic images from buildings etc.]]
I am always looking for new items for the collection, see the [[Wanted]] page !
==Educational and religious heraldry==
There are separate sections for both educational (schools, universities ect) and religious (or ecclesiastical) heraldry.
*[[File:Ostravao.rel.jpg|60 px]][[Religious or Ecclesiastical heraldry]] of any denomination. Arms of (arch)bishops are included, but not of individuals of lower rank
*[[File:Crandall-uni.jpg|60 px]][[:Category:Educational heraldry]] includes arms of schools, colleges and universities worldwide.
==About the site==
The site has been on-line continuously since 1996 and started as a private hobby. Currently the majority of the site is still maintained by Ralf Hartemink, the founder and owner, with increasing contributions from other people, due to the wiki structure of the site. However, due to the enormous amount of material available, the site will always be under construction !
If you would like to contribute with content or as an editor, please send a mail to webmaster@ngw.nl for details and access.
*[[Contact]] and e-mail
|align="center"|[[File:award1.gif|center]]  <br/>Cool Site (1998)
|align="center"|[[File:lycosaward.gif|center]]  <br/>Lycos (1999)
|align="center"|[[File:award.png|center]]  <br/>Sitekeuring.NET Award (2013)
If you want to donate items or images, click [[Wanted|here]], for financial donations please do so using [http://www.paypal.com PayPal] to <strong>webmaster@ngw.nl</strong> or by normal mail to the contact address mentioned in the [[contact]] page. For security, I will not send any bank details by e-mail. People or companies that have donated money, will be mentioned with name of logo on this page if wanted. Please contact me if you would like to be mentioned.
Thank you ! 
Ralf Hartemink
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" />
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" />
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" />
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" />
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" /><br>random images from the site
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" />
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" />
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" />
|<randomimage size="80" float="center" />

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HERALDRY OF THE WORLD : The main resource for civic heraldry since 1996

Heraldry of the World is a private website which is devoted only to civic heraldry, i.e. coats of arms of cities, states, municipalities, countries etc. It also includes an attempt to make a complete catalogue of heraldic (paper based) collector's items, again with the main focus on civic heraldry.

The wiki-part of the site contains at present 104,028 pages and 181,592 images, the total site has over 60.000 pages. There have been [[Special:Statistics|Template:NUMBEROFVIEWS]] pageviews since June 2010.