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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Böblingen

Wappen von Holzgerlingen

Official blazon

In Rot eine silberne Lilie.


The arms show a fleur-de-lis of relatively young origin. The first time a fleur-de-lis appears in the town is on a stone in the local church from 1473. In later times the fleur-de-lis was sometimes used as a village sign, but did not appear in the seals of the village until the 19th century. It was not known as the local arms (there are no historical arms known). The figure was placed from the seal into the arms in 1927. The origin of the fleur-de-lis is unknown. It has been stated that it is the symbol of the St. Mary, but that cannot be proven.

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Literature : Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.