Isny im Allgäu

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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Ravensburg (until 1973 Wangen)
Additions : 1972 Beuren, Grossholzleute, Neutrauchburg, Rohrdorf

Wappen von Isny im Allgäu

Official blazon

(de) In Schwarz ein golden gekrönter goldener Adler (Reichsadler) mit silbernem Brustschild, darin ein mit den Stollen abwärts gekehrtes schwarzes Hufeisen.


The town of Isny was granted city rights before 1300. The oldest seal, known since 1288, only shows a horseshoe. The horseshoe is a canting symbol (Eisen=iron, the German word for horseshoe meaning hoof-iron). It was used as the town's arms until 1488. The eagle was granted by Emperor Friedrich III in 1488, for the contribution of the town in the war against Flanders. At that time the horseshoe was inverted, before 1488 the shoe was silver on a black shield.

From 1292 the seals of Isny showed St. George, between a horseshoe and a wheel. From the end of the 14th century until the 18th century the seals showed a knight on a horse, with a horseshoe placed somewhere on the seal. In the 18th century the knight held a shield with the present arms.

Wappen von Isny im Allgäu

The arms on a local coin from 1532
Wappen von Isny im Allgäu

The arms on a local coin from 1695
Wappen von Isny im Allgäu

The arms in a manuscript +/- 1530
Siegel von Isny im Allgäu

The municipal stamp shown in 1892
Wappen von Isny im Allgäu

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925

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