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Region : Zemgale
Additions : 1962 Krustpils (town)

Arms (crest) of Jēkabpils
Official blazon

Sudraba laukā zaļa egle uz tādas pašas pamatnes; eglei priekšā ejošs lūsis dabiskā krāsā.

English blazon wanted


The arms were granted in 1925.

The place of Jekabpils was known as Salas Krogs (Island Tavern), situated on the island at the left bank of Daugava river across the Krustpils castle.
The legend tells, that Jacob, duke of Kurzeme, hunted in the area and got lost. He reached Daugava river and got sight a lynx under a fir-tree. The duke shot the lynx and got sight of the town at the same moment. He renamed the town to Jakobsburg and granted arms: a lynx under a fir-tree.

The fact is that in 1670 city rights and arms were granted.
Later the city was called Jekabmiests in Latvian and Jakobstadt in German. After the independence of Latvia the name Jekabpils was chosen.


The seal of the city in 1673

The arms in the 19th century

In 1925 a new design of the arms was confirmed.

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