Juba Amine Khenniche

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Personal arms


Registration no.: 010/2018

Individual/family : Individual
Country of origin : Algeria
Place of origin : Greater Kabylia
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Arms of Juba Amine Khenniche

Official English blazon

Arms: Or, a hurt cottised azure dancetty charged with an annulet, therein a bend sinister fracted Argent; and on a chief Azure three anchors Argent

Crest:a galley proper, banners Or, on a rough sea proper.

Motto: "ⵓⵚⵢⴰ ⵓⴽ ⵚⵓⵏⴰ".

Other language blazon


The armiger's family comes from a region with a long naval tradition, hence the naval references in the arms. The cottisage is a reference to Djurdjura, a mountainous region of Algeria, from which the armiger's family hails. The fracted bend sinster represents the Tifinagh (Berber script) letter ⵢ, the first letter of the armiger's name.

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