KANINSK (Канинск)

Federal subject : Nenets Autonomous Okrug
District (Rayon) : Zapolyarny Rayon

Official blazon

В лазоревом поле золотой вогнутый столб, в оконечности достигающий углов щита, а во главе - серебряный и отвлеченный, обремененный внизу червленой головой северного оленя настороже, и сопровожденный по сторонам обращенными к сердцу щита серебряными навагами, по три с каждой стороны.


The arms were granted on February 2, 2010.

The village is located on the Kanin peninsula, which is shown in the arms as a golden pile. The top of the peninsula is in silver, as it is not part of the village.

The reindeer's head symbolizes the special role of reindeer herding, which for Nenets is the basis of economic well-being. Along with reindeer herding, fishing plays an important role in the life of the local population, reflected by the fish in the arms.

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