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Additions : 1974 Camborne-Redruth UDC, Helston (Borough), Kerrier RDC
Incorporated into : 2009 Cornwall

Arms (crest) of Kerrier

Official blazon


The council does not use a proper coat of arms, but uses the above logo.

On the top left Carn Brea Castle is depicted. The Castle was featured in the non-official arms of the Camborne-Redruth UDC.

The top right shows St George slaying a dragon. Folklore has it that a dragon once flew over the town of Helston; it was slain by St. George and the people of the town rejoiced. In celebrating they danced through the streets, which it is said is the origin of the famous festival held in Helston on or around the 8th May each year and known as Flora or Furry Day.

The bottom half contains two miners pick axes to indicated the District's association with tin mining; two wooden radio masts (originally erected by Marconi at Mullion for his experiments with radio waves. These masts show the District's association with communications. The three 'ears' of wheat show the association with agriculture. The three fish are shown to indicate the Districts association with the fishing industry.

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