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State : Queensland

Arms (crest) of Kingaroy

Official blazon

Arms : Per fess Or and Vert, a Peanut plant eradicated counter-changed.
Crest : On the battlements of a Mural Crown Or a Red Ant proper.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Bull guardant Or, armed and unguled Gules, in the mouth a slip of Maize proper, and on the sinister side a Boar Gold, armed and unguled Gules, in the mouth three stalks of Wheat proper, each resting the interior hind hoof on a Cog-Wheel Sable.
Motto: 'Faith and Progress'.


The arms were granted on August 1st, 1963.

Kingaroy is famous as a peanut-growing area, hence the main charge of a conventional depiction of a peanut plant is most apt. The green refers to the countryside, and the gold to the wealth earned by the peanut industry. The bull and the boar refer to the local cattle and pig industries, the slips of maize and wheat to farming, and the cog-wheels to mechanized agriculture.

The compartment represents the rich red-brown earth of the district, on which all this production depends.
The red ant on the crest alludes to the claim that the name 'kingaroy' is from the local aAboriginal name for red ants. It appears within a mural crown, which indicates at the same time, the need to control the ants as well as civic government.

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