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Province : Oost-Vlaanderen
Additions : 1970 Berchem, Kwaremont, Ruien, Zulzeke

Wapen van Kluisbergen/Coat of arms (crest) of Kluisbergen

Official blazon

Gedeeld 1. in lazuur een dwarsbalk van goud, vergezeld van drie wassenaars van zilver 2. in sabel een jachthoorn van zilver, gemond en beslagen van goud, gesnoerd van keel, en een schildhoofd van goud.


The arms have officially been granted on May 9, 1989.

Kluisbergen was formed after a merger of four municipalities. The arms combine the previous arms of Berchem and Ruien, see there. Kwaremont did not have arms, the arms of Zulzeke were not historically correct and could thus not be used. As Ruien, Kwaremont and Zulzeke formed the same estate before 1799, the arms of Ruien could represent the three villages.

Initially the new municipality chose to use the Zulzeke arms, being the oldest arms in use in the municipality, but they never applied for an official grant (se eimage below). When they finally applied, the Flemish Heraldic Council porposed the current arms, which were accepted by the municipality.


Letterhead from 1977, with the Zulzeke arms for Kluisbergen.

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