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Danish heraldry:



Region : Syddanmark
Amt (until 2007) : Vejle
Additions : 1970 Dalby; 2007 Christiansfeld (partly, 1970 Aller, Bjerning, Fjelstrup, Frørup, Hejls, Hjerndrup, Stepping, Taps, Tyrstrup, Vejstrup), Lunderskov (1970 Jordrup, Lejrskov, Skanderup), Vamdrup (1970 Hjarup, Ødis)

Arms of Kolding

Official blazon


The arms are based on the oldest seal of the city, known since 1250. The meaning of the arms is unknown. It has been postulated that the arms are derived from the St. Knuds Guild, who used a lily as their symbol and which was known as the parrot-guild.

Seal of Kolding

Seal from the 13th century
Seal of Kolding

Seal from 1421
Seal of Kolding

Seal from 1648
Arms of Kolding

The arms in the Kaffe Hag album, 1933
Seal of Kolding

The arms until 2007

The arms seen locally on a manhole cover.

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