KOLGUYEV (Колгуев)

Federal subject : Nenets Autonomous Okrug
District (Rayon) : Zapolyarny Rayon

Arms of/Герб Kolguyev

Official blazon

В лазоревом поле - серебряный безант, к середине которого сходятся шесть волнистых клиньев в цвет поля, при этом 2-ой и 3-ий - широкие, а нижний клин продлен до края щита черным цветом; каждая часть между клиньями обременена вольной фигурой составленной из трех соединенных пурпурных малых стропил, обращенных остриём к середине безанта.


The arms were granted on September 28, 2013.

Kolguev Island, which makes up the whole territory of the Kolguyevsky village soviet and gave it its name, has a form close to the circle, which is symbolised in the arms. The wavy wedges converging to the center of the circle are the hilly-ridges in the central part of the island. The dominant forms of the geography of the island are the river valleys, radially diverging from the center to the shores of the island.

The first Nenets appeared on the island at the beginning of the 19th century. Traditional economic activities of the island's population are reindeer herding, sea mammal hunting, hunting, fishing. Currently, the deer herd is about 6000 heads. This is symbolically reflected in the arms by a figure called the "reindeer horn" by the local population.

The black part of the lower wedge, refers to the Peschanoozersky oil field, where in 1987 experimental oil production began.

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