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Province: Pomorze
County : Kwidzyn

Arms of Kwidzyn

Official blazon


The oldest seal of Kwidzyn (until 1945 Marienwerder) dates from the 14th century and already shows the crosier and mitre, no cross. All later seals, dating from the 15th century also use the same arms, but now with the cross.
The meaning of the arms is not clear, but are most likely symbols for the power of the Bishops. The colours have changed during the years, als also a small Madonna was sometimes used inside the crosier (see images below).

The present arms are a modernised version of the old arms.

Siegel von Kwidzyn

The municipal stamp shown in 1892
Seal of Kwidzyn

Seal from around 1900
Arms of Kwidzyn

The arms as shown in the 1890s
Wappen von Kwidzyn

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925
Arms of Kwidzyn

The arms in the Abadie albums, 1930s
Arms of Kwidzyn

The arms as shown in the 1950s
Arms of Kwidzyn

The arms as shown in 1994

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