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State : Nordrhein-Westfalen
Urban District (Kreisfreie Stadt) : Leverkusen
Additions : 1930 Wiesdorf (1920 Bürrig), Schlebusch, Steinbüchel, Rheindorf; 1975 Opladen (1930 Lützenkirchen (partly)), Bergisch Neukirchen, Hitdorf

Wappen von Leverkusen

Official blazon

  • (de)


Leverkusen was founded in 1920 after the merger of Wiesdorf with 3 surrounding municipalities. The new city was named after Karl Leverkus, who founded a paint factory in Wiesdorf. The new city adopted the arms of Wiesdorf (see below), as the other villages dd not use arms.

Wappen von Leverkusen

After the merger in 1975 the city adopted new arms, showing the lion of Berg, as it was part of the old arms of all the municipalities, except Opladen. Opladen used the oldest arms of the counts of Berg, the black bar, and the new arms thus show a combination of the new and the old arms of Berg.

Wappen von Leverkusen

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925
Wappen von Leverkusen

Municipal stationery, 1960s

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Literature : Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.