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Lithuania - Lietuvos Respublika

Lithuania.jpg Lithuania-flag.jpg
The National Arms of Lithuania The National Flag

Administrative division

Lithuania is divided into 10 counties (Lithuanian: singular – apskritis, plural – apskritys) that are further subdivided into 60 municipalities (Lithuanian: singular – savivaldybė, plural – savivaldybės) which consist of over 500 elderships (Lithuanian: singular – seniūnija, plural – seniūnijos). Elderships can be small villages, but also towns and cities which are not a separate municipality.

Among the municipalities there are also City and District municipalities, which are used to distinguish municipalities with the same name.

The county governors (Lithuanian: apskrities viršininkas) institution and county administrations have been dissolved in 2010.

All counties, all municipalities and a large number of elderships use arms.



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