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Arms of Lovrenc na Pohorju
Arms of Lovrenc na Pohorju

Official blazon


The arms are adopted on June 1, 2000 (municipality left, town right).

The history of the arms of the town is rather complicated. The historical arms of the town show an arm coming from a cloud and holding a grill; the symbol of St. Lawrence, the local patron saint, after whom the town is named. These arms are known from a seal from 1791, but may have been in use for a longer time.

In 1999 the town decided on the use of the town symbols. One of the proposals showed a green hill with pine trees, with in front a lake and a water-mill. Above the pine trees the grill was placed.

Arms of Lovrenc na Pohorju

These arms were not adopted, but instead it was decided that the town and the municipality each had their own arms. The municipality adopted the proposal, but without the grill, whereas the town adopted the historical arms with a blue cloud.

Arms of Lovrenc na Pohorju

The arms by Widimsky (1864)
Arms of Lovrenc na Pohorju

The arms by Kobel (1954)

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