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[[Literature]] :  
[[Literature]] : https://www.erzbistum-hamburg.de/Erzbischof-em.-Averkamp_Bischofswappen
[[Category:Roman Catholic bishops|Averkamp]]
[[Category:Roman Catholic bishops|Averkamp]]
[[Category:Roman Catholic archbishops|Averkamp]]
[[Category:Roman Catholic archbishops|Averkamp]]

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Born : February 16, 1927
Deceased : July 29, 2013

Auxiliary Bishop of Münster, 1973-1985; Titular Bishop of Thapsus
Coadjutor Bishop of Osnabrück, 1985-1987
Bishop of Osnabrück, 1987-1994
Archbishop of Hamburg, 1994-2007

Arms of Ludwig Averkamp

Official blazon


The arms show quartered the arms of the Archdiocese in I and IV and the arms of the Archbishop in II and III.

The personal arms are based on a medieval seal of the Chapter of the Diocese of Bremen. It showed Bishop Ansgar at the veneration of the enthroned Blessed Mother. The fleur-de-lys is a symbol of St. Mary, the crosier for Ansgar and the church for the cathedral church of Bremen. The fleur-de-lys also alludes to King Ludwig IX, the archbishop's namesake.

The archbishop Averkamp had already used the motto "Dominus prope" ("The Lord is near") from the Philippians (4.5) as Bishop of Osnabrück.

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Literature : https://www.erzbistum-hamburg.de/Erzbischof-em.-Averkamp_Bischofswappen