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{|width="100%" style="color:black; background-color:#ffffcc;"
|width="15%"|[[File:Germany.jpg|50 px|left]]
|width="70%" align="center" |'''Heraldry of the World<br/>Civic heraldry of [[Germany]] - [[Deutsche Wappen|Deutsche Wappen (Gemeindewappen/Kreiswappen)]]'''
|width="15%"|[[File:Germany.jpg|50 px|right]]
|}<seo title="Wappen, Gemeindewappen" />
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Additions : 1974 [[Hanau (kreis)|Hanau]], [[Hanau]]-city, [[Gelnhausen (kreis)|Gelnhausen]], [[Schlüchtern (kreis)|Schlüchtern]]
Additions : 1974 [[Hanau (kreis)|Hanau]], [[Hanau]]-city, [[Gelnhausen (kreis)|Gelnhausen]], [[Schlüchtern (kreis)|Schlüchtern]]
[[File:mainkinz.kreis.jpg|center|Wappen von {{PAGENAME}}]]
The arms were granted on December 30, 1980.
The arms were granted on December 30, 1980.
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[[Literature]] : Linder and Olzog, 1996.
[[Civic Heraldry Literature - Germany|Literature]] : Linder and Olzog, 1996.

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State : Hessen
Additions : 1974 Hanau, Hanau-city, Gelnhausen, Schlüchtern

Wappen von Main-Kinzig Kreis


The arms were granted on December 30, 1980.

The swan in the upper part is taken from the arms of the city of Hanau and symbolises thus both the city and former district of Hanau. The eagle is derived from the arms of the city of Gelnhausen and refers to the former district of the same name.

The bends are derived from the arms of the Lords of Hutten and the arms of the former district of Schlüchtern. The waves symbolise the Main and Kinzig rivers.

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Literature : Linder and Olzog, 1996.