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Local authority : Auckland

Arms (crest) of Manukau

Official blazon


The arms were granted on June 20, 1968.

Two seagulls represent the birds flying to and from the Manukau Harbour feeding grounds. Upon the Chevron at its peak and showing fullfaced is a black bull's head which represents the dairying and other pastoral farming predominant throughout most of the City. Upon the two arms of the Chevrons are two black Cogwheels and these indicate the City's industrial areas. In the base of the shield there is a gold Lymphad (sailing ship) with Its sails set, and this signifies the arrival of the early settlers and also represents the shipping interests in the two harbours by which the City is bounded to the east and west. The two portions of blue on the Shield separated by the Chevron allude to the sea of the two harbours.

The crest features a low tower which respresents City status and upon its embattlements is perched a seagull with wings spread upwards in front of a gold aeroplane propeller. The solitary seagull alludes to the name Manukau which means Manu (bird) and kau (alone), The gold propeller signifies the international airport within the City at Mangere.

Beneath the shield is a scroll which bears the motto of the City - Ante Alios Prosili - which translated from the Latin, means: BE AHEAD OF THE TIMES.

Literature : Information provided by Lawrence Jones.