Marlborough District and Region

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Arms (crest) of Marlborough District and Region

Official blazon


Granted to the Borough of Blenheim 30 October 1958. Blenheim became part of Marlborough District in 1989, and the arms passed to the new council.

In the shield, the cornucopia is intended to symbolise Blenheim's abundance of the good things of life, and the alternate white and blue wavy bars symbolise its connection with the sea. In the upper part of the shield, the blazing sun is symbolic of Blenheim's sunshine record and the two Merino Rams' heads signify the wool export from the Marlborough Province of which Blenheim is the Capital.

In the crest, the Beaver alluding to the original name of Blenheim, holds a banner of the pattern which the Duke of Marlborough renders annually to Her Majesty the Queen as rent for the estate of Blenheim in Oxfordshire, UK.

The Motto - Industria et Perseverantia means By Industry and Perseverance.

Literature : Information provided by Lawrence Jones.