Military heraldry of the United Kingdom

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Territorial Commands

Army Groups, Armies and (Army) Corps



Territorial Districts

Regiments and Corps

Training Units, Schools and University Officer Training Corps

Army Reserve (Formerly Territorial Army/Force)


Fleet Air Arm (FAA)

Royal Marines (RM)

Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service

Air Force

Squadrons in the 300-series was formed during World War II from those Nationalities that wanted to continue the Fight after thier Countries had be occupied by Germany. No 400-series Squadrons was formed form Commonwealth Countries Australia, Canada and New Zealand and are shown under thier respective Countries. No 600-series Squadrons was mainly Auxiliary Air Force Units (Royal Auxiliary Air Force from 1947). Higher 600 Numbers was used by Artillery Spotting Squadrons, later transferred to the Army Air Corps.

Groups and Wings

Training Units
Royal Air Force Regiment
University Air Squadrons
Royal Auxiliary Air Force

Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force

Home Guard

Former Colonial Troops