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Mottoes are very common in the British-style heraldry (UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand), and much less common in other countries. Therefore the large majority of the mottoes listed here are from towns and councils in the British heraldic region.

As this page got too large, mottoes in the following languages are separated :

If you see a motto on the site that is not yet listed here or have any other addition, please mail me !

Only true mottoes are listed here, no town names in banners around the arms.

The mottoes are listed by language and sorted by first letter. For clarity no capital letters are used, except the first letter as well as personal or town names. A translation in English is provided when available.

Mottoes in African languages


Mottoes with any African language as the original language. For Afrikaans, see Dutch, for Malagasy, see below.

Motto Language Translation in English Used by
! gai uiba gisenba ? Nama Khoi
!ke e:/xarra//ke Khoisan Diverse people unite South Africa
sa k//?a: !a1si ?u1si Auni Strive for a better life Northern Cape
Elimu tiba utafiti Swahili Medicine education research Muhimbili University
Harambee Swahili Synergy Kenya
Imbumba yamanyama Xhosa Unity is strength Transkei
Inqubekela phambili ngobuqotho Zulu Service delivery with integrity Zululand
Kathleho ka kopano ? Free State
Khotso pula nala Sotho Peace, rain, prosperity Lesotho
Kutiina mukama niyo nsibuko y’amagezi Nyoro For God and my country Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara
Luyemi Hamoho Lozi East Caprivi
Masisukume sakhe Zulu Let us rise and built KwaZulu-Natal
Naboisho ang, engolon ang Maasai (?) Our unity, our strength Kajiado county
Natulenge juu ? ? Starehe Boys' Centre and School
'Nete ke thebe sotho Truth is the shield or the truth will set you free National University of Lesotho
Pamberi nekushandira pamwe Shona Marching forward in co-operation Chitungwiza
Pamberi nekushandira vanhu Shona Forward with service to the people Harare
Popa popa e a popela Tswana He who builds, builds for himself Tswanaland
Pula Setswana Rain Botswana
Si ye pambili Sindebele Let us go forward Bulawayo
Siyakunqandwa ziinkwenkwezi Xhosa We will be stopped by the stars Ciskei
Sonqoba simunye Zulu We will overcome (or triumph) together; we are one. KwaZulu
Syinqaba Swati We are a fortress Swaziland
Thuto ke thebe Setswana University of Botswana
Tunga nombili Oshiwambo Owamboland
Ubumwe – umurimo – gukunda ighihugu Kinyarwanda Unity, work, patriotism Rwanda
Yinkhaba Swati Manzini

Mottoes in Baltic languages


Mottoes with any Baltic language as the original language.

Motto Language Translation in English Used by
Tēvu zemes mīlestību / Mēs ar darbiem rādīsim Latvian Valmiera gymnasium
Visu par Latviju! Latvian All for Latvia Latvian Air Force

Mottoes in Celtic languages


Mottoes with Gaelic (Irish), Breton or Cornish as the original language. For Welsh, see below.

Motto Translation in English Language Used by
A lore burne To the lower burn Scottish Dumfries
Ag Seo Ár gCúram This we hold in trust Irish South Dublin
Agm baile nach teid air agaidh, theid e air ais He who does not progress retrogresses Scottish Gaelic Lismore (NSW)
Beart do réir ár mbriathar Action according to our word Irish Dublin (county)
Cairdeas trí Pháirtíocht Irish Mountmellick
Criss fírinne immib Irish Saint Killian's Community School
Cuim air adhart comhla Moving forward together Scottish East Dunbartonshire
Daingean agus dílis Irish Longford (county)
Dilis d'ar noidhreacht True to our heritage Irish Clare (county)
Fáilte agus féile Irish Castleblayney
Feor magh eanagh Irish Fermanagh (county)
Flúirse, féile, fáilte Irish Granard
Flúirse talaimh is mara Abundance of land and sea Irish Fingal
Foghlaim is fírinne Irish Cashel Community School
Gniomhach idir carraig is cruacha Active between rock and mountain peaks Irish Greystones
I báirt leis an bpobal Together with the people Irish Laois (county)
Is fearr comhairle na comhrac Irish Carrickmacross
Kaër é mem bro Breton Locmariaquer
Kensa ha dewetha First and last Cornish Penwith
Léim ar aghaid Irish Leixlip
Mar is toil le dia Irish Holy Cross Abbey, Ireland
Meanma agus misneach Irish Kildare (county)
Ó Chuan go Sliabh From harbor to mountain Irish Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown
Parthas Éireann Irish Buncrana
Rísam uile Irish Cork Institute of Technology
Ro an mor Gift from the sea Cornish Newquay
Ro an mor hag an tyr From the sea and from the land Cornish Restormel
Seasaigí go buan Let us stand for ever Irish Fermoy
Tuath Thuama go buan Irish Tuam
Uimhir gan choisc The irrepressible number Irish Muine Bheag
Unanet e vimp kreñv United we are stronger Breton Quimper
Urram Respect Scottish Glen High School
War zao atao Always beginning Breton Lannion

Mottoes in Dutch or Afrikaans


Mottoes with Dutch or Afrikaans as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
Altijd bereikbaar Always available Communications Command Sea Warfare Forces, Netherlands Navy
Altijd waakzaam Always watchful 711th Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Bron von kracht Source of strength Technical Training Royal Navy, Netherlands Navy
Door de eeuwen trouw Loyal through the centuries Amboina
Dispereert niet (also Ende dispereert niet) Batavia
Doelbewust en trefzeker 302nd Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Doelbewust en vastberaden 802 Patriot Squadron, Netherlands Army
Dynamiek in logistiek Dynamic in logisitcs 901st Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Eendragt maakt magt Unity makes power Transvaal Province, Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek
Geloof en moed Faith and courage Omaruru
Glo en dien Believe and service Hoërskool_Zwartkop
Glo en werk Believe and labour Montana High School
Handhaaf en bou Maintain and build Despatch
Heldhaftig - vastberaden - barmhartig Heroic - Determined - Merciful Amsterdam
Ik weersta elke storm I withstand every storm Naval Barracks Suffisant, Curaçao, Netherlands Navy
Ik zal voor gaan I shall go first Zr.Ms. Dolfijn, Netherlands Navy
In trouwen vast Mechelen
Jahweh is mijn god Jahweh is my god Basiliek van de H. Petrus te Boxmeer
Laat daar lig wees Let there be light Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool
Lernen te dienen Learn to serve Logistics School Royal Navy, Netherlands Navy
Klein maar dapper Small but brave Zr.Ms. Brunvis, Netherlands Navy
Kracht door kunde Strength trough skill Dutch-Belgian Operational School, Netherlands Navy
Niet praten maar doen 322nd Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Niet zonder arbyt Not without labour Chesterton, South Cambridgeshire
Niets ontgaat de havik 800 Support Squadron, Netherlands Army
Op prooi belust Eager for prey Zr.Ms. Zeeleuw, Netherlands Navy
Optimaal ondersteunend 922nd Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Ik zal voor gaan I shall go first Zr.Ms. Dolfijn, Netherlands Navy
Paraat voor vrijheid Prepared for freedom 1st Marine Combat Group, Marine Corps, Netherlands Navy
Preservering door preventie Preserving through prevention Naval Firefigthing Corps, Netherlands Navy
Resultaat door onderhoud Result through support 900th Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Scherpgetand Sharptoothed 313th Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Steds waakzaam Ever vigilant 2nd Marine Combat Group, Marine Corps, Netherlands Navy
Sterk door eendracht Strong through unity Surface Assault and Training Group (SATG), Netherlands Navy
Sterker door strijd Stronger through battle Rotterdam, Zr.Ms. Rotterdam, Netherlands Navy
Tand om tand Tooth for tooth Zr.Ms. Walrus, Netherlands Navy
Trou aan ons eie Loyal to ourselves Laerskool Bakenkop
Trouw en liefde Loyalty and love Gent
Verdienstelijk en bekwaam 920th Squadron, Netherlands Air Force, 921st Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Veerkracht en daadkracht 930th Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Vervul jou roeping Answer your calling Laerskool Proteapark
Volhard en oorwin Otavi
Vooruitgang deur volharding Progress through perseverance Karasburg
Vrede en recht Peace and Justice 's Gravenhage/The Hague
Vrijheid eist waakzaamheid Freedom is wachtfulness 640th Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Waakzaam en vasthoudend 931st Squadron, Netherlands Air Force
Waakzaamen vooruitziend Joint Meteorological Group, Netherlands Air Force

Mottoes in French


Mottoes with French as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
Absit invidia Let there be no ill-will Limavady
Amour de la patrie Love of the motherland Perwez
Archez bien 3rd Reconnaissance Group, USAAF
Au plus pres 2nd Infantry Regiment, French Army
Avant garde Vanguard Havant
Beau sejour Have a beautiful stay Budleigh Salterton
Comme il se droit As it should be Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Canada
De bon cuor Walton-le-Dale
Defendez le saguenay Defende the saguenay Canadian Forces Base Bagotville, Canada
Je maintendrai I shall maintain Netherlands, Hofstra University
Le jour viendra The day will come Lambton
L’entraide dans la charité Mutual assistance in charity Saint-Martin (Quebec)
L’union fait la force Unity is strenght Sint-Joost-ten-Node
Je me souviens I remember Quebec, Royal 22e Regiment, Canadian Army
Je suis prest Littoral Combat Ship USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS-10)
Non sanz droict Not without right (Norman French) Warwickshire
Nous resterons la 3rd Infantry Division Marne Division, US Army
Nous sommes prêts Ready to act Fareham
On ne releve pas picardie 1st Infantry Regiment, French Army
Prest a faire Ready to act Fareham
Prest pour nostre pays Ready for our country Welton
Qui cherche trouvé Whoever seeks shall find La Trobe University
Sans dieu rien Without God nothing Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Wanganui
Sauver oui périr Fire Brigade of Paris, French Army
Sur terre et sur mer, Berthier toujours plus fier By sea and by land, Berthier always prouder Berthier-sur-Mer
Toujours au danger 17th Bombardment Group (later Wing), USAAF
Toujours prêt Clanwilliam
Travail – liberté - patrie Work – librty - fatherland Togo
Un people – un but – une foi One people – one goal – one faith Senegal
Ung par tout – tout par ung Southampton (Bermuda)
Union – travail - justice Union – labour - justice Gabon
Unité – dignité - travail Unity – dignity - labour Central African Republic
Unité – travail - progress Unity – labour - progress Burundi, Chad, Congo (Brazzaville)
Vert et vieux Green and old Verviers

Mottoes in Frisian


Mottoes with Frisian as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
In doarp riist ut 'e puollen De Tynje

Mottoes in German


Mottoes with German as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
Folgen sie unseren fusspuren! Follow in our footsteps! Dock Landing Ship USS Germantown (LSD-42)
Glück auf Good luck Tsumeb

Mottoes in Greek


Mottoes with ancient or modern Greek as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
ΑΙΕΝ ΑΡΣΤΕΥΕΙΝ Ever to excel National Defence General Staff, Grecce
ΑΙΕΝ ΥΨΙΚΡΑΤΕΙΝ Always dominate the heights Hellenic Air Force General Staff, Greek Air Force
ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΝ ΤΟ ΕΥΨΥΧΟΝ Freedom stems from valour Hellenic Army General Staff, Greek Army
ΜΕΓΑ ΤΟ ΤΗΣ ΘΑΛΑΣΣΗΣ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ (Méga to ti̱s thalássi̱s krátos) The rule of the sea is indeed a great matter Hellenic Navy General Staff, Greek Navy

Mottoes in Indonesian


Mottoes with Bahasa Indonesia or any other native language in Indonesia as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
Bhinneka tunggal Ika Unity in diversity Indonesia
Gemah ripah loh jinawi Cirebon
Gemah ripah repeh rapih Richness for all and living in harmony Jawa Barat
Gemah ripah wibawa mukti Bandung
Jer basuki mawa bea Achievements are only won through sacrifice Jawa Timur
Karya swadaya On own power Papua
Sekali layar terkembang pantang biduksurut ke pantai. Makassar Papua]]
Soerâ-ing-bâjâ Virtue in battle Surabaya

Mottoes in Malagasy


Mottoes with Malagasy as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
Asa filamnaha fahasambarana Morondava
Asa fa tsy kabary Mananjary
Azanahary tsy mitany ny vaka Antsiranana
Betsimisaraka tsy misara – draha magnano Fenoarivo Atsinanana
Fanjaiysy noreky taretsy Antsohihy
Fiaraha miasa no hery Maintirano
Fiherenana no naha toly ary Tulear
Ho velona fa tsy ho levona Mahajanga
Izay mitambatra vato Ambatondrazaka
Lakana tsara voha manafak’ onja Toamasina
Nosy magnitry Nosy Be
Ny asa no harena Antalaha
Ny toky fitaka fa ny ata ro hita Ambalavao
Rano masina rano manoro Antsirabe
Soa fianatsa ro mahovokatsa Fianarantsoa

Mottoes in Old Norse


Mottoes with Old Norse as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
Með lögum skal land byggja By law shall the land be built up Zetland, Shetland Islands

Mottoes in Polynesian languages


Mottoes with any Polynesian language as the original language.

Motto Langauge Translation in English Used by
Long God yumi stanap Bislama In God we stand Vanuatu
Rerevaka na kalou ka doka na Tui Fijian Fear God and honour the King Fiji
Tatou tatou Maori Rotorua
Te mauri, te raoi ao te tabomoa' Gilbertese Kiribati
Te pai me te whairawa Maori Waitakere
Tokelau mo te Atua Tokelauan Tokelau for God Tokelau
Tuituia mai tatou Maori Let us all be united Birkenhead (New Zealand)
Tuvalu mo te Atua Tuvalan Tuvalu for God Tokelau

Mottoes in Portuguese


Mottoes with Portuguese as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
Constante e fiel Constant and loyal Military Region of Angola, Portuguese Army
Coragem e lealdade Courage and loyalty Independent Territorial Command of Guine, Portuguese Army
Dilatando a fee, o imperio (old motto) Military Region Center, Portuguese Army
Em perigos e guerras esforçados Portuguese Army
Ev seja o deanteiro Military Region of Tomar, Portuguese Army
Honra e bravura Honour and bravery Military Region North, Portuguese Army
Honra valor e fama Army Geospatial Information Center, Portuguese Army
Mui nobre e sempre leal cidade de Lisboa Much noble and always loyal city of Lisbon Lisboa
O sol logo em nascendo vê primeiro Dili
Pela fé e pela pátria For the faith and the fatherland Independent Territorial Command of Cabo Verde, Portuguese Army
Pela honra e pela pátria For honour and the fatherland Independent Territorial Command of Madeira, Portuguese Army
Portugal e São Jorge Portugal and Saint George Portuguese Army
Sempre e prontos Always and fast Independent Territorial Command of Azores, Portuguese Army
Terra prodígio Iacri
Um por todos todos por um One for all and all for one Military College, Portuguese Army
Unidade, disciplina, trabalho Unity, discipline, labour São Tomé e Príncipe
Vigiláncia e fidelidade Vigilance and fidelity Military Region South, Portuguese Army

Mottoes in Spanish


Mottoes with Spanish as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
Aqui dios, fuerte y claro Signal Company No 6 of the Parachute Brigade, Spanish Army
Ciencia al servicio del hombre Science in the service of man Meteorological Service, Air Force of Venezuela
Con este palo me basto Ceuta General Command, Spanish Army
Cuna del descubrimiento Palos de la Frontera
Dios, unión, libertad God, union, liberty El Salvador
Especiales en la guerra y en la paz Specialists in war and in peace Special Operations Air Group No 15, Air Force of Venezuela
Ingenio y grandeza Signal Company No 17, Spanish Army
Lealtatem Loyalty Presidental Air Group No 4, Air Force of Venezuela
Libertad y soberania Liberty and sovereignty Air Transport Group No 9, Air Force of Venezuela
Lucha y vence entre dos ríos Palma del Río
Más vale honra sin barcos ... Frigate Méndez Nuñez, Spanish Navy
Nuestro enemigo es el silencio Our enemy is the silence Electronic Warfare Regiment No 31, Spanish Army
Paso honroso Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, Spanish Air Force
Patria honor lealtad Country, honour, loyalty Colombian Army
Poder y sabiduria Signal Company No 18, Spanish Army
Por la exelencia a la victoria Signal Regiment No 1, Spanish Army
Rey servido y patria honorada Serve the king and honour the fatherland Frigate Álvaro de Bazán, Spanish Navy
Segura tiene la palma Naval Command of Las Palmas, Spanish Navy
Sobre todo ¡España! Frigate Almirante Juan de Borbón, Spanish Navy
Tejemos la red Signal Battalion of the Air Defence Command, Spanish Army
Unidad, paz, justicia Unity, peace, justice Equatorial Guinea
Vencer o morir Win or die Air Force of Paraguay, Navy of Paraguay
Voz permanente del mado Permanent voice of command Signal Regiment No 22, Spanish Army

Mottoes in Welsh


Mottoes with Welsh as the original language.

Motto Translation in English Used by
A ddioddefws a orfu He who suffered, conquered Glamorgan, Mid Glamorgan
A fynno Duw a fydd Cowbridge RDC
A vo penn bit pont He who will be chief, let him be a bridge Bridgend
Amser yw'n golud Ystradgynlais
Awn rhagom Cowbridge
Cadarn pob cyfiawn The just are strong West Glamorgan
Cadernid cyfiawndr cynndd Stability, justice, progress Barry
Canmol dy fro a thrig yno Commend thy locality and dwell therein Brecon
Cyfoeth cymdeithas: cymuned A society's wealth is its community Llanelli
Cynyddaf a llawenychaf I grow and I rejoice Prestatyn
Dawn gorau dyngarwch A nation's wealth is freedom Ceredigion
Diogel dan ddinefwr Safe under Dinefwr Dinefwr
Duw a digon With God, enough Denbighshire
Duwioldeb diwydrwydd Godliness and industry Port Talbot Borough, Port Talbot
Ewch yn uwch Higher and higher Radnorshire, Radnorshire District Council
Gorau gweithio-cyd weithio The best service is co-operation Maesteg
Golud gwlad rhydidd A nation's wealth is freedom Ceredigion
Gorau moes gwasanaeth The best way of life is service Aberystwyth Borough
Gorau nawwd, nawwd duw Hawarden
Gorau tarian cyfiawnder The best shield is justice Flintshire, Islwyn
Gwasanaeth a gwerin Alyn and Deeside
Gwella braint heb golli bro Vaynor and Penderyn
Gwerth cyngor gwasanaeth The virtue of a council is its service Glyndŵr
Gwirionedd undod a chytgord University of Cardiff
Hanfod tref trefn The essential of a good town is orderliness Ammanford
Hwy clod na golud Fame outlasts wealth Rhondda
Iechyd ac addysg Health and learning Ebbw Vale
Iechyd harddwch heddwch Health, beauty, tranquillity Colwyn, Colwyn Bay
Llafur orfu bobpeth Hard work conquers everything Taff-Ely
Llifa'r dwr, llewyrcha'r bobl Brecknock RDC
Llywyddiant o ddiwydiant Connah's Quay
Llywyddiant trwy undeb Success through union Cynon Valley
Llywyddo drwy ymdrech Succeeding through endeavour Neath and Port Talbot
Mon mam Cynru Anglesey, Mother of Wales Isle of Anglesey
Nid cadern ond brodyrdde No strength but in fellowship Merthyr Tydfil
Nid da lle gellir gwell Lliw Valley
Powys paradwys cymru Powys, the paradise of Wales Powys
Rhydd gwerni ffyniant gwlad A free people a prosperous country Carmarthenshire, Dyfed
Rhyddid hedd a llwyddint Freedom, peace and prosperity Carmarthen
Tarian cyfiawnder duw The shield of justice is God Clwyd
Tra mor tra meirion Merionethshire
Undeb a rhyddid Unity and freedom Blaenau Gwent
Undeb hedd llwyddiant Unity, peace, success Brecknock, Brecknockshire
Undod cadernid cynndd Unity Strength Progress Vale of Glamorgan
Unwn i wneud da Denbighshire
Y ddinas a’r fro The city and the vale South Glamorgan
Ymlaen â Delyn Forward with Delyn Delyn
Yr hafan dêg ar fin y dôn The fair haven at the edge of the waves Rhyl

Mottoes in other languages


Mottoes in any other language.

Motto Translation in English Language Used by
Eetsun nunnumur The land where it is good to be Saanich North Saanich
Endazhe kinamandowa chimaganishak The soldiers training ground Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Canada
Inuit nunangata ungata Beyond the eskimo land Canadian Forces Station Alert, Canada
Moondah Over the horizon Australian Aboriginal Australian Administrative Staff College
Ojibwe gchi gami odena Settlement near the Ojibwe’s big lake Ojibwe Sault Ste. Marie
ᓄᓇᕗᑦ ᓴᙱᓂᕗᑦ Nunavut our strength Inuktitut Nunavut
Tingijub akkarvinga The place where the areoplanes come in to land Labrador eskimo Canadian Forces Station Goose Bay, Canada

Mottoes in two or more languages


Mottoes in multiple languages.

Motto Translation in English Languages Used by
Diens - Ukukhoza - Service Service Afrikaans - Xhosa - English Langeberg
Eendracht maakt macht - L’union fait la force Dutch and French Belgium
Kayas - présent - future Past - present - future Cree, French and English North Battleford
Paix – travail – patrie : Peace – work - fatherland Peace – work - fatherland French and English Cameroon

Mottoes in non-existing languages


Mottoes with a non-existing or phantasy language.

Motto Translation in English Origin/Language Used by
Es-whoy-malth A shoaling place transcribed from a local native American language Esquimalt

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