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Province : Nord-Trøndelag
Additions : 1964 Foldereid (partly), Gravvik, Kolvereid

Arms of Nærøy

Official blazon

I gull tre røde liljetopper forent i trepass.


The arms were granted on May 22, 1987.

The arms are based on the seal of King Håkon Magnusson from 1344, on a document in which the King granted several rights to the local farmers. The seal shows the St. Mary in a portal decorated with fleur-de-lis, the symbol of the St. Mary. The arms show a combination of three fleur-de-lis, the colour was chosen as red, as the local water lilies generally have a red colour.

Literature : Norwegian Municipal Network and Nye kommunevåbener i Norden. Heraldisk Tidsskrift 62,1990