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Arms of National Arms of Belarus

Official blazon


The arms were adopted on June 7, 1995.

Belarus became independent in 1918 and adopted as national arms the Pogon, which is nearly identical to the Lithuanian arms. The knight is a common symbol, as until 1795 the territory of Belarus was part of the Grand-Duchy of Lithuania.


The arms from 1918-1922

The arms surrounded by the flags of the Duchies (1919,
Vilnyus, Minsk, Trotsk, Vrotslav, Novogorodok, Smolensk, Mstislav, Vitebsk, Polotsk)

In 1922 Belarus was incorporated in the Soviet Union and the new Soviet Republic adopted a symbol, which was based on the Soviet National symbol. From 1922-1937 the motto showed the letters CCPB (Cyrillic initials of the republic), from 1937-1991 BCCP (the new initials). The logo showed hammer and sickle above a sun and globe. Above the hammer a red star and the whole surrounded by a wreath of wheat and oak branches. On the banner is the motto " Proletarians of all countries unite!" in Russian, Belarussian, Polish and Jiddish (Jewish).

In the 1940s the logo was slightly changed. The oak branches were removed and clover and flax flowers were added. The Polish and Jewish texts were removed from the motto and the globe changed colour.


The state symbol from 1922-1937

The state symbol from 1937-1940s

The state symbol from 1940s-1991

In 1991 Belarus became an independent republic again, and as new State arms the Pogon was re-introduced. As the arms were too identical to the Lithuanian arms, it was decided by referendum in 1995 to adopt a modification of the arms from the 1940s as new national symbol. The banner now shows the name, Republic of Belarus, and the contours of the country replaced the hammer and sickle.


The arms from 1991-1995

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