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Coat of arms (crest) of National Arms of Iraq
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The arms were adopted in 2008.

The arms show a shield with the same composition as on the flag, with the eagle of Saladin as supporter (compare Egypt, Syria). The arms replaced older arms, see below. All previous arms had the same design, but whenever the flag changed, the arms were changed as well.

Only from 1965-1991 the flagdesign was placed vertically instead of horizontally, which became necessary due to the addition of texts in the flag.

Saladin was actually a Kurd, but he united much of the Arab world in the late 12th century and defended Islamic territories against the Crusaders. An eagle sculpted on the west facade of the wall of the Citadel of Cairo is considered the personal emblem of Saladin (though some experts disagree), inspiring the widespread adoption of Saladin's eagle as a national emblem.


The emblem of Iraq from 1958-1965

The arms of Iraq from 1965-1991

The arms of Iraq from 1991-2004

The arms of Iraq from 2004-2008

Kingdom of Iraq

The Kingdom of Iraq (Arabic: المملكة العراقية‎ Al-Mamlakah Al-'Irāqiyyah), founded on 23 August 1921, was officially declared an independent state in 1932, when the British protectorate (mandate) came to an end.

Although the League of Nations mandate was awarded to Britain in 1920, the 1920 Iraqi revolt resulted in the scrapping of the original mandate plan in favor of British administered semi-independent kingdom, under the Hashemite allies of Britain. The kingdom of Iraq was granted full independence in 1932, following the Anglo-Iraqi Treaty of 1930.

The kingdom ended in 1958, when the monarchy was overthrown in a military coup.

The arms of the Kingdom are shown below, but I have no inforation on its meaning or background.

The arms of the Kingdom of Iraq

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