National Arms of North Macedonia

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National Arms of North Macedonia
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The modern Macedonian state was created on 02.08.1944. Following the decisions of the AVNOJ from the previous year, Macedonia accepted the status of one of the states in the Yugoslavian federation. Since the decision about the state situation was yet to be determinate, the first official name was Federalna Makedonija (Federal Macedonia). In the next year 1945, the name was changed to Narodna Republika Makedonija (People's Republic of Macedonia). In 1963, the official name was changed again, this time into Socijalistička Republika Makedonija (Socialist Republic of Macedonia). Following the political changes in Yugoslavia, Macedonia in 1990 adopted multiparty system, and the name was changed into Republika Makedonija (Republic of Macedonia), as it is now. Independence was proclaimed on 08.09.1991.

Macedonia changed three coats of arms within this period. As was the case with other states with socialist polity, and Macedonia had so-called "socialist emblem" although it was officially designated as a coat of arms in the Constitution.

The first coat of arms (as far as we know) was adopted on 27.07.1946.

National Arms of North Macedonia

It was changed very soon, most probably in 1948, when the new coat of arms of similar design was adopted.

National Arms of North Macedonia

The third and current coat of arms was adopted on 16.11.2009, when the existing coat of arms was slightly modified.

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