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Coat of arms (crest) of National Arms of St. Lucia

Official blazon

Azure two sticks of cut bamboo in Cross surmounted of an African stool of authority Or between in dexter chief and sinister base a Rose Argent charged with another Gules both barbed and seeded proper an in sinister chief and dexter base a Fleur-de-lis Gold and for the Crest upon a Helm with a Wreath Orand Azure in front of two Fronds of the Fern Polypoduim in Saltire a Cubit Arm proper the hand holding erect a Torch Gold enflamed also proper and for the Supporters on either side a Saint Lucia Parrot commonly called Jacquot (Amazona versicolor) wings elevated and addorsed and in the beak of each a Frond of the Fern Polypoduim all proper and for the Motto: THE LAND-THE PEOPLE-THE LIGHT.


The arms were officially granted on February 22, 1979.

The arms show two fleur-de-lis and two roses, symbols for France and England (to whom the island belonged for a long time) respectively. The crossed sugar cane rods symbolize the importance of sugar for the country. On the cross of the sugar cane an traditional African 'chair of authority' is placed, to emphasise the Africal heritage of the population.

The crest shows an arm holding a torch, symbol of freedom. The two supporters are the local Jacquot parrots (Amazona versicolor).

The motto is 'The land, the people, the light'.

The arms are based on the previous arms adopted on March 1st, 1967. The composition of the main shield remained the same, but the colours and motto were changed.


The arms from 1967

The arms of 1967 were again based on older arms, granted on August 16, 1939. In 1967 the colours were changed, the supporters, stool and crest added.


The arms from 1939

The 1939 arms were the first official arms of the colony, showing only the sugar cane sticks, rose and fleur-de-lis. The motto 'Statio haud malefida carinis' or 'A safe harbour for ships' was taken from the badge granted to the island in 1880.


The badge from 1880
National Arms of St. Lucia

The arms in a French publication (+/- 1890-1900)

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