National Arms of Uruguay

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Official blazon


The four quarters of the arms are blue and silver, blue for the sky, silver for clouds. The scales indicate justice. The hill with the lighthouse are derived from the arms of the city of Montevideo, the initial colony of present Uruguay. The colt signifies nobility. Finally the oxen signifies hard work or prosperity. The sun was added to signify a new day.

The shield is surrounded by olive branches, symbol of peace.

The arms on a coin from 1844

The arms on a coin from 2011

Use of the arms in collector's items:

The arms on a Uruguayan tobacco card

The arms on a Dutch card (1900-1910)

The arms on a Spanish cigar band

The arms on an American card

The arms on a Dutch matchbox label (1960s)

The arms on a Dutch card (1950s)

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