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Arms of National Arms of the Faroe Islands

Official blazon


The arms were adopted op April 1, 2004.

The name of the islands means fur islands and thus the arms are canting. Ever since the islands were discovered, either by the Irish or the Vikings, there have been many sheep, supplying large quantities of wool.

The first use of a ram as the arms of the islands date from a seal from the 1300's. From the 14th century onwards the ram was placed in a shield. The colours are known since the 16th century, as the arms were for a short time added to the Danish Royal arms (as they are now).

The arms were in use in the 19th century, but only when the islands received self-government in 1948 the arms were officially granted. In 2004 the arms below were replaced by the present arms.

Arms of the Faroe Islands

The arms in the late 1940s
Arms of the Faroe Islands

The arms from 1948-2004
Arms of the Faroe Islands

The arms on a unofficial coin from 2011
Arms of the Faroe Islands

The arms on a Dutch Willem II cigar band

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