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District/county (județ) : Mureș

Stema Neaua

Official blazon

Un scut triunghiular verde cu marginile rotunjite, având bordură albastră cu stele de argint. În interiorul scutului, în partea de sus se află trei monede-turtă de aur și roșu, iar în partea de jos se află un cap de cerb de aur, privind spre dreapta. Scutul este timbrat de o coroană murală de argint cu un turn crenelat.


The arms were officially granted on October 29, 2014.

The blue border with silver stars represents the toponym Neaua; the five stars arranged horizontally symbolize the communion of the five reformed localities.

The coins represent the treasure discovered in Vădaș (from the 4th to 11th centuries), the ancient gold pieces from Rigmani and the famous apple orchards of the locality.

The deer head represents the rich wildlife in the area. The green background symbolizes the forest wealth in the area.

The mural crown with a crenellated tower means that the locality has the rank of commune.

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Literature : image from the decree 966/2014