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Arms of Northern Cape

Official blazon

(af) Wapen: Deursnede van rooi en blou, 'n silwer ruit belaai met 'n doringboom van natuurlike kleur, in die skildvoet, oor alles heen twee versmalde golwende dwarsbalke van die een in die ander en in die skildhoof twee goue madeliefies; die skild oortop met 'n kroon bestaande uit 'n goue band versier van blou en ruitvormige rooi Sankralewerk, silwer omsoom en verhoog van ses rooi kraleskywe, elk belaai met 'n ring van goue krale, daartussen dieselfde getal ingeboe kralekantele, ook van goud.

  • Skildhouer: Regs 'n gemsbok (Gazella dorcas) en links 'n

koedoe (Tragelaphus strepsiceros).

  • Wapenspreuk: sa k//?a: !a1si ?u1si

(en) Arms: Per fess Gules and Azure, a lozenge Argent charged with a thorn tree proper, in base two barrulets wavy counterchanged and in hief two daisies Or; the shield ensigned of a coronet comprising a circlet Or, embellished of Azure and lozengy Gules San beadwork, fimbriated Argent, heightened of six beadwork torteaux, each charged with an annulet of beadwork Or, therebetween as many merlons embowed of beadwork, also Or.

  • Supporters: Dexter on oryx (Gazella dorcas) and sinister a

kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros).

  • Motto: sa k//?a: !a1si ?u1si


The arms were granted on 25 August 1997.

The diamond shape in the shield represents the mineral wealth and economic well-being of the province, with the yellow daises representing the sun and ecological heritage.

The red background stands for the soil with the thorn tree being an image of growth and development whilst the blue waves depicts the life-giving vein of the two great rivers which join and flow to the Northern Cape coast. Other elements include the kudu and gemsbok supporters and the coronet, which is based on San/Bushman beadwork headgear, and which is representative of the unique cultural heritage of the area.

The motto, Sa ||a !aĩsi 'uĩsi is in the Auni language of a clan of San/Bushman people who live at Rietfontein in the Kalahari desert and was provided by Mrs. Elsie Vaalbooi. Mrs. Vaalbooi was 97 years old at the time and was the last Auni speaker alive. Translated, the meaning of the motto is "Strive for a Better Life".

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