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Département : Nouvelle Calédonie

Blason de Nouméa
Official blazon

D'azur, plein chargé au canton droit d'un soleil d'or , au vaisseau d'or et voiles blanches, voguant accompagné en chef d'un cagou éployé d'argent, supporté par deux hippocampes de corail relevant le bandeau d'or frappé du nom de Nouméa.

English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on August 2, 1982.

The ship refers to the discovery of New Caledonia and the explorers that visited the island in the 18th and early 19th century. The blue field refers to the ocean and the sky. The sun refers to the topical climate.

The bird is a Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus), the national bird of New Caledonia and an endemic species. The seahorses are a symbol for the many coral reefs and marine wildlife.

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Literature: Scan from a stamp; Official journal of New Caledonia August 2, 1982.