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Département : Bas-Rhin

Blason de Oberhaslach/Arms (crest) of Oberhaslach
Official blazon

Parti: au 1er d'argent à la branche de noisetier de sinople posée en pal, au 2e de gueules à la houlette d'argent posée en pal, le fer en haut.

English blazon wanted


The right half of the arms shows a hazel branch. This is a canting symbol (Hasel in German, Haslach means stream between the hazel trees). The black stick was a type of stick used by the local shepherds. In the 19th century Oberhaslach was a village which was dependent on animal husbandry and thus there were a lot of shepherds in the village.

Blason de Oberhaslach

The arms in Hozier (1696)
Blason de Oberhaslach

The arms by Schœnhaupt, 1900
Blason de Oberhaslach

The arms in the Café Sanka album +/- 1932
Blason de Oberhaslach

The arms on a cover (1978)

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