Olyutorsky Rayon

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OLYUTORSKY RAYON (Олюторский район)

Federal subject : Kamchatka Krai

Arms of Olyutorsky Rayon

Official blazon

В серебряном и лазоревом поле, пересеченном тремя острыми зубцами, вверху - летящий вправо с воздетыми крыльями черный ворон, имеющий золотые клюв, глаза и лапы; внизу - лежащий серебряный тюлень настороже, держащий во рту золотого лосося.


The arms were granted on June 26, 2009.

The arms show in the upper half a raven, which is derived from a local legend of the Koryak people. According to legend, there are five worlds: the earth, inhabited by people, two other worlds above ground and two underground. The upper worlds are inhabited by the Supreme Diety, people and animals. The underworld by the spirits of the ancestors and the shadows of the dead. Animals, spirits and humans pass from one world to another and never fully disappear. There are many local myths where animals shed their skin and become people, and people turn into animals. The intermediary between the people and animals and the Supreme Diety was the Big Raven. He is also seen as the first of the Koryak people and is their protector. In all shamanic ceremonies of the Koryakl peeople the Big Raven plays a mayor role.

The lower half of the arms refer to the rich rivers and seas, with a seal and a salmon. The division line refers to the different worlds as well as to the high mountains in the region.

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