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A page devoted to the famous heraldic artist Otto Hupp, born May 21, 1859 in Düsseldorf (Germany), died January 31, 1949 in Oberschleissheim (Germany).



Hupp was born in Düsseldorf, as the fourth of five sons of the engraver Carl Heinrich Hupp. His father made him learn engraving as his profession, and, shortly after finishing his education, he moved to Munich in 1878. Since 1891 till his death Otto Hupp lived in the suburb Oberschleißheim. From the painter Rudolf Seitz he learned many styles of painting, and when he met the architect Gabriel von Seidl he received several contracts to paint wall and ceiling frescos.

Hupp's main field of work was heraldry, painting more than 6,000 coats of arms and writing books on heraldry.

In 1895 he started a series of books entitled Wappen und Siegel der deutschen Städte, Flecken und Dörfer (Coat of arms and seal of the German cities and villages), however of the originally 10 planned volumes only 5 were finished by 1928. These books were very exclusive, they were printed in editions of only 400 copies and sold for 60 Goldmark. Below a small advertisement from 1901 in which Hupp asks for material for his collection.


Another important heraldic publication by Otto Hupp were the Münchener Kalender (Munich calendars), of which 51 issues were published in the years 1885-1936 (the issue of 1933 was omitted). Additionally to painting the existing coat of arms he also created new arms for (mainly Bavarian) municipalities. He also created the 1923 version for the state of Bayern (Bavaria), which however was replaced with a new version after World War II.

Over 3500 of his paintings of coats of arms were published as a collecting set from the coffee company Kaffee HAG from 1913–18 (old series)and 1926–38 (new series). This publication helped to make heraldry better known to the general public.

When Ludwig Roselius (the owner/founder of Kaffee Hag) and the Brücke initiated the idea of the heraldic albums, Otto Hupp was asked to make the images and texts. He agreed and to make a quick start, he used the images that he already had made for his book series, which were Ostpreussen, Westpreussen and Brandenburg (published by him in 1894), Pommern, Posen, Schlesien (1898) and Ober- and Niederbayern (1913). For his last book Rheinpfalz (1928) on the other hand he used the images he already made for the Kaffe Hag albums.

All the images of the old albums bear the initials OH for Otto Hupp. The initials are printed in black, with the exception of numbers 192-223 that show either initials in blue, or no initials at all.


Along with painting existing coats of arms, he also created many drafts for municipalities which were applying for new arms. Possibly his most important coat of arms was the 1923 version for the state of Bavaria, which, however, was replaced with a new version after World War II.

The first typographic works of Otto Hupp were made in 1883. His first typeface, Neudeutsch, was published in 1899 by Genzsch & Heyse. He created several further typeface later, such as Hupp-Gotisch, Hupp-Fraktur, and Hupp-Antiqua. However, as his typefaces were not designed for standard uses, they did not spread much, and are nowadays mostly forgotten. None of them was ever converted to be used in phototypesetting.

Other significant works of Otto Hupp include metal works for Speyer Cathedral in 1904 (which also gained him the title professor in 1906), the cover of an astronomical clock donated to the city of Munich, and the company logo of the Spaten brewery.

Though Otto Hupp was undoubtedly an artist, he himself always denied to be called one, claiming he was just using the technique of an artist, but failing to have the creativity of one.

(source Wikipedia)

Images (scans) from his work

Coffee Hag albums

All images of the Coffee Hag albums can be see here, in total there are over 4000 images displayed.

Some examples :
Old series


New series


Münchener Kalenders

All covers of the Münchener Kalenders and more information can be seen here.

Some examples:


Arms of breweries in Munich (addition to the Münchener Kalender 1893 (click on image to enlarge):


Klingspor Kalender

In 1940 Hupp designed and write the annual kalender of the Klingspor publishing house in Offenbach am Main, the Klingspor Kalender für das Gutenbergjahr, 1940. (pdf)

It was published as a small hard-cover booklet, with 12 city arms, a calendar and a text, printed in one of Hupp's own fonts, about the history or book printing.

Eltville am Rhein

Book series

In 1895 he started a series of books entitled Wappen und Siegel der deutschen Städte, Flecken und Dörfer (Coat of arms and seal of the German cities and villages), however of the originally 10 planned volumes only 4 were finished before the outbreak of the First World War. The fifth, and last, was published only in 1928. These books were very exclusive, they were printed in editions of only 400 copies and sold for 60 Goldmark. In 1985-1993 a reprint of the arms of Brandenburg, Pommern, Posen Ost- and Westpreussen (volumes 1 and 2) was published.

Hupp-books1.jpg Hupp-121.jpg
Hupp-12.jpg Hupp-13.jpg
Hupp-11.jpg Hupp-rp.jpg

The images of the books are mainly published in the Coffee Hag albums and can thus be seen there. The only images that have not been published in the albums or the reprint are the images of the Rheinpfalz, issued in 1928. These are shown below (click on image for larger resolution).

He also made some other non-heraldic images for the books, which are also shown below.

Other images from the book series:

Hupp01.jpg Hupp02.jpg Hupp03.jpg Hupp04.jpg Hupp05.jpg
Hupp06.jpg Hupp07.jpg Hupp08.jpg Hupp09.jpg Hupp10.jpg

Stamps with his Bavarian arms

A series of stamps using his images. Publisher unknown.

Municipal arms and seals

Hupp designed a number of arms for (Bavarian) municipalities. An example of those is shown below.


Scetches for new municipal arms by Hupp (from an auction picture)


Coins and banknotes

Hupp also many numerous designs for Bavaraian and German coins and banknotes, but only a few actually were used.


German coin with arms of Bremen (source)

Medal by Hupp for the German shooting competition, 1881 (source)


Stamps and bonds

Design for a stamp for Bayern (source:eBay)
Bonds for the Pfälzischen Hypothekenbank (source:eBay)

Deutsches Museum

Hupp designed the logo of the Deutsches Museum in München in 1923.

Plate by Villeroy & Boch, 1930
Coat of arms (crest) of Otto Hupp
Beer tanker with the arms (picture from eBay)
Coat of arms (crest) of Otto Hupp
leaflet with the arms (picture from eBay)

Ex Libris

Hupp also designed numerous ex-librices. Some examples are shown below.

images below from, own collection and from Klaas Padberg Evenboer

Die Wappenbücher vom Arlberg

The book is on-line available at

Some images :

Hupp-ab1.jpg Hupp-ab2.jpg


An image of the German Wine Road (from here)

Coat of arms (crest) of Otto Hupp

An image for a vineyard



The famous logo of the Spaten brewery and other breweries:


Postcards from the Honour room in the State Museum of Hessen in Kassel, designed in 1912.

Other images

Books/publications by Hupp

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Books/publications about Hupp

  1. De-170.books.jpg Otto Hupp, Meister der Wappenkunst 1859-1949. Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, 1984. ISBN 3-7686-3037-1
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  • Phillips, D.F. : An appreciation of Otto Hupp. The Heraldic Craftsman, 89(2915)2-7

Literature/sources : unless otherwise stated, all images are own original scans or pictures.

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