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Province : Sumatera Barat

Coat of arms (crest) of Padang


I have no information on the meaning or origin of these arms. Any information is welcome.

Colonial arms

Before the Indonesian independence the city used the arms below:

If this text appears, it means that background information is available, but that I have not yet had the time to add the information on these arms. Just [|mail me with the name of the town in the subject !] and I will add all information that I have !

The arms in the Koffie Hag albums +/- 1930

The arms on a tile, 1930s

In 1911 however, completely differnet arms were proposed. These arms showed in a blue field two crossed silver 'klewangs' (local swords) with golden hilts. As supporters already two tigers appeared, the crown was a Dutch-style city crown. As a motto ' Aso Solok, doewo Salajo, toigo padang, ampeq Koempani' (I have no translation) was added. I have no information whether these arms were ever used.

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