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Country: Canada
Campus/location : Penhold, Alberta

Coat of arms (crest) of Penhold Crossing secondary school

Official blazon

Arms: Argent two feathers in saltire Sable bound Gules, adextré Gules, a chief Sable adextré Argent.
Crest: A hawk affronty displayed Sable beaked and membered Gules perched on a scroll fesswise Argent.
Supporters: Two mule deer guardant Gules attired and unguled Sable, each charged on the shoulder with a wild rose and standing on two shelves graded proper, set with books Sable and books Gules.


The arms were granted on May 15, 2016.

he division of the shield alludes to the “crossing” part of the school’s name, a reference to the river and railway crossings at Penhold, as well as to the division of land on the Canadian prairies in large square plots. The feathers refer to the hawk in the crest and to the heraldic badge of the Town of Penhold, which uses two feathers crossed in an X-shape. The colours are based on the black, orange and silver used by the school.

The hawk refers to the emblem of the school teams, the Skyhawks, and to the several species of hawks in the area. The scroll alludes to recorded knowledge and to the diploma awarded to each graduate.

The red mule deer refer to the mule deer supporters of the arms of the Town of Penhold and the red stag supporters of the arms of Red Deer County. The bookshelves and the two steps refer to the idea of secondary education. The wild rose is the floral emblem of Alberta.

The motto, meaning “Knowledge is power”, is based on a quotation from Leviathan (Part I, chapter X) by Thomas Hobbes, and is an indication of the value of education.

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