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Arms of Portuguese India

Official blazon


Portuguese India was a Portuguese colony until 1975. It is now the State of Goa in India.

On May 8, 1935 the colony received its first arms, based on the same structure as all Portuguese colonies (compare Angola, Macao and Mozambique). The upper right half and the bottom are identical for all colonies and show the 5 shields of the Portuguese National arms and the waves for the 'overseas' colonies. The upper left half differs between the colonies and for Portuguese India a broken wheel (for Saint Catherine) and a tower (fortress) were chosen.

When in 1951 the colony was transformed into a province, the text on the banner was changed from Colony to Province, but the arms itself remained unchanged. The arms were abandoned at the independence in 1975.


The arms from 1951
Arms of Portuguese India

Coin with the colonial arms
Arms of Nova Goa

The arms of Nova Goa in 1862

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