Rauenberg (Rhein-Neckar Kreis)

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Official blazon

  • (de) Im Göpelschnitt geteilt; rechts oben in Blau ein durchgehendes, geschliffenes silbernes Kreuz, links oben in Gold auf grünem Dreiberg ein blauer Zinnenturm, unten in Silber an grünem Rebast mit zwei grünen Blättern eine blaue Traube.


The arms were granted on April 13, 1984.

The cross is derived from the old arms of Rauenberg (see below). It also symbolises the State of Speyer, to which a large part of the municipality historically belonged. The castle on the mountain is derived from the arms of Rotenberg. The grapes are taken from the arms of Malschenberg.

Previously Rauenberg used the arms below, which were adopted in 1901.

The cross symbolises again the State of Speyer, as Rauenberg belonged from 1677-1803 to Speyer. The oldest seal of the village, dating from 1715 also shows only the cross of Speyer.

The second seal of Rauenberg, dating from 1811 shows a bunch of grapes and a fork, with the letters R and B and two fleur-de-lys.

The seal symbolised the name and the importance of agriculture. The meaning of the fleur-de-lys is not clear. In the proposal of 1900 the cross and fleur-de-lys were combined.

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