Reichenhofen (Leutkirch)

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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Ravensburg (until 1973 Wangen)
Incorporated into : 1972 Leutkirch im Allgäu

Wappen von Reichenhofen (Leutkirch)

Official blazon

(de) Unter goldenem Schildhaupt, darin ein schreitender, rot bewehrter und rot bezungter schwarzer Leopard, in Rot auf grünem Hügel ein silberner Gerichtstisch mit vierkantiger Platte und vierkantiger Säule.


The arms were granted on February 16, 1953.

As there were no historical seals known for Reichenhofen, the State Archives proposed a new design in 1927. The design showed a chief with the deer antler of Württemberg and in the main field a silver judge's chair. The cahir should symbolise the historical court of the Leutkircher Heide in the municipaity. The municipality adopted the design, but instead of a chair, the adopted arms showed a table. In 1936 the council wanted to change the table for an image of the local Zeil Castle. The State Archives opposed this new design, as it was of poor heraldic quality. Instead they proposed to keep the table, but change the deer antler into a black lion taken from the arm of the Waldburg dynasty, to whom the castle belonged. Due to the Second World War it lasted until 1952 before the council adopted the design and the arms were grnated in 1953.

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Literature : Gönner and Bardua, 1970