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State : Niedersachsen
District (Kreis) : Göttingen (until 1973 Duderstadt)
Incorporated into : 1973 Krebeck

Wappen von Renshausen/Arms (crest) of Renshausen
Official blazon
German Schild gespalten; rechts von Rot und Silber zehnfach geteilt, belegt mit dem Mainzer Rad, das auf Rot silbern und auf Silber rot tingiert ist; links in Blau drei (1:2) sechseckige goldene Sterne.
English blazon wanted


The arms were granted on October 10, 1951.

The village is on the border of three German States and this is shown by the bars in the colour of Niedersachsen. The wheel is the wheel of the State of Mainz, as the village historically belonged to Mainz. The three stars are taken from arms on the local parish-house, which used to be a Benedictan monastery.

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