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Arms of Reykjavík

Official blazon


The arms were designed in 1951 and officially adopted by the city of Reykjavík on June 6, 1957.

The arms show the throne pillars of Ingolfr Árnarson, the first permanent settler of Iceland. After his banishment form Norway, he decided to settle in Iceland. After reaching the coast he threw his throne pillars in the sea and swore to built his home on the spot where the pillars would drift ashore. He found his pillars in the second summer in Iceland on the spot of the present Reykjavík. He thus founded the city.

Until 1957 the city used a simple seal showing a fisherman (see image below). This seal was designed for the town in 1815. Reykjavík had received town status in 1786.

Arms of Reykjavík

The arms on the city hall (2015)
Arms of Reykjavík

The arms on a manhole cover (source)
Arms of Reykjavík

The story of the pillars on a 1974 coin
(image from auction site)

Literature : Image obtained from the Icelandic Association of Municipalities (Samband Íslenzkra Svetarfélaga) and