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A page devoted to the famous heraldic artist Robert Louis, born 20 February 1902 in Douai (France), died 22 September 1965 in Vincennes (France).



One of the most famous heraldists in France in the mid 20th century was Robert Louis. He designed a large number of arms, but he was famous for his heraldic art of French historical regions, towns and provinces. He wrote a number of books on the different arms of towns in several départements, most French heraldic stamps were based on his drawings and a large number of postcards have been issued.

Besides postcards he also designed many stamps (see the stamps section of the site. He also wrote many books and designed all kinds of other heraldic items, see below.

His personal arms and seal:


Address of his studio (later shared with his daughter Mireille Louis) :


Images (scans) from his work

The Kingdom of France and its provinces
The arms of the Département Seine
Provincial arms 1
Provincial arms 2
The Floriade in Paris, 1969

Books/publications by Robert Louis

  1. Louis, R. : Armoiries des villes de France. Blasons des prefectures et des sous-préfectures. Paris, 1949, 92 p. No ISBN.
  2. Fr-019.books.jpg Louis, R. : Armorial des communes de la Seine. 2nd edition, Troyes, 1961, 70 p. No ISBN.
  3. Fr-030.books.jpg Balmelle, M. and Louis, R. : Armorial des communes du département de la Lozère. Mende, Caussignac, 1959, 56 p. No ISBN.
  4. Bernard, G. and Louis, R. : Armorial des communes du Département de l'Aube. Tome 1. Chef-lieux de canton. Troyes, 1959, 72 p.
  5. Fr-018.books.jpg Tricou, J. and Louis, R. : Armorial des communes du Département du Rhône. Tome 1 chefs-lieux de canton. 2nd edition, Troyes, 1963, 44 p. No ISBN.
  6. Tupigny, M. de and Louis, R. : Les armoiries des provinced Françaises. Paris, 1952. 44+39 p. No ISBN.

Books/publications by Mireille Louis

  1. Fr-013.books.jpg Estienne, J.P. and Louis, M. : Armorial de la Somme. Conseil Général de la Somme, 1957, Abbeville, 74 p. No ISBN.

Literature/sources : unless otherwise stated, all images are own original scans or pictures.

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